Interim conclusion

In the autumn of life, real and imagined barriers and necessities gradually fall.
Life turns into the home stretch.

Nothing more needs to be achieved or accomplished.
At any given moment, it is always enough.

Everything can - nothing must

Above all, it is about practising the art of
"allowing oneself to be impressed without reflecting".

Impulses, thoughts and ideas are formed in the subconscious from these impressions. These emerge in consciousness in their own time, often dimly or in fragments, but occasionally with surprising clarity.

Sometimes in German, sometimes in English, sometimes in Berlin dialect.

Just as it suits them.

October 2021

What times

In these times many circumstances, experiences, ideas, habits, certainties, patterns of thinking and behaviour are set in motion.
Especially one's own.

In many respects, these times feel like the years around 1968.

... Ukraine the Vietnam of our days ???
... Lützerath the Gorleben of this generation ???
... and ... and ... and ...

Never mind

Today, as back then, it is important to put superficial purposes and justifications far behind, to ask questions in new ways, to experiment, to track down what is unsaid and unheard and to give it space to unfold.

I guess I'll have to do it while I'm here.

March 2023